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Not All Lubricants Are Good! Nano Technology Exists in ONLY ONE Lubrication... PETRON PLUS!

Best Lubricant For Cars, Trucks, Small Engines,  Transmissions, Power Steering, Home, Weapons, and... SO MUCH MORE!

Performance Guaranteed!

The Ultimate Lubrication Technology

Petron Plus Formula 7 Engine Conditioner is the best way to keep your engine running smoothly. This unique formula has a super lubricating film that coats and penetrates metal surfaces, providing the longest-lasting lubricating action. This helps protect against wear, corrosion, and damage caused by friction.

It is formulated to protect your engine from the harmful effects of friction and wear. It will also protect against rust, corrosion, and contamination while extending engine life by reducing the need for frequent oil changes, saving you even more money in the long run.

Every Vehicle Needs Petron Plus Formula 7 Engine Conditioner

Petron Plus Formula 7 is a super multi-purpose lubricant. Its monomolecular coating penetrates metal surfaces to provide a longer-lasting lubricating action than any other product available. The concentrated blend of cleaner, lubricant, and penetrant provides extended protection in even the most demanding environments, including those extremely hot and cold.

Petron Plus Promise

Uncompromised Excellence in Performance

Save on Fuel Costs

Save money on fuel costs by reducing friction and increasing horsepower.

Extend Engine Life

Reduce wear and tear on your engine, improve gas mileage, and extends engine life.

Protect Your Vehicle

Protect your engine against corrosion with a high-quality anti-oxidant blend.

The Product You Need!

Your Vehicle – Business – And Lifestyle

Engines are expensive and deserve better treatment. Regular maintenance and performance upgrades help you get more from your vehicle. With Petron Plus products, you can easily protect and maintain your engine for peak performance and extend its lifespan for years.

The formula was developed by some of the world's leading scientists and mechanical engineers. It is a blend of high-quality lubricants, corrosion inhibitors, anti-wear additives, and other specialty chemicals that are formulated to protect the engine from harmful deposits and wear. These deposits reduce performance and efficiency by reducing the amount of fuel burned in the combustion chamber.

Want to drive your vehicle with confidence? Drive it with a clean and protected engine!

Petron Plus Features

Extensive Lubricants Product Line

Specialized Engine and Machine Lubricants

Engineering Excellence Since 1978

Petron Plus Formula 7 Engine Conditioner has been scientifically proven to increase your car's performance by up to 20%. This means you'll be able to drive faster, further, and more efficiently than ever before. Its machine lubricants are designed to enhance performance across various industries.

Premium Formula for Maximum Performance

Petron Plus Formula 7 Engine Conditioner reduces operational costs by reducing fuel consumption and increasing engine efficiency. This means you can use less fuel per mile of operation, resulting in higher profits and savings. Reducing fuel consumption also means reducing CO2 emissions, making the product more environmentally friendly than other lubricants on the market today. In addition to these benefits, Petron Plus Formula 7 Engine Conditioner can increase the life span of your engine by reducing wear-and-tear caused by friction and abrasive particles within your engine oil.

Recent Feedback

Clients Love Our Products

I just wanted to say thanks for making such a fantastic product. I was told by my mechanic that my engine needed replacement, and I would have to pay thousands of dollars! But after using Petron Plus Engine Conditioner, my machine is running smoothly again. Thanks again!

Gerald Davis

I've been using Petron plus for a month now and am delighted with the product. It has made my engine work like new again! I'm saving at least $50 a fill-up, thanks to Petron Plus. Highly recommended product for every car owner.

Daniel Goodwin

I have tried a lot of engine conditioners in the past, and none of them worked. I've been using it for almost a year now, and I'm impressed. My engine is quieter and smoother; it's great. Petron Plus Engine Conditioner is the only one that has proven results. I highly recommend it to all my friends!

Bradley M. Rodriguez

Petron Plus Engine Conditioner is terrific. It has worked well for us, really well. We've seen the difference in our car's performance. When I started using Petron Plus Engine Conditioner, I noticed it was relatively quiet and smooth; it was awesome. I don't know what kind of magic is in your Petron Plus, but it's like I have a new car. My mechanic is amazed too!

Andrew L. Pham

The Petron plus engine conditioner is extraordinary. It helps to keep my engine clean, and it's definitely helped with the performance of my car. I'm actually quite impressed with this product, as many other similar products have not worked for me in the past. Bottom line: I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a nice little boost on their engine performance. It's affordable and long-lasting.

Shawn D

The Super Lubricant of Your Choice

Petron Plus Formula 7 Engine Conditioner is the best way to protect your engine, which means you're also protecting your business and your wallet. It is designed to clean and protect your engine, extend the life of your vehicle's engine, reduce engine wear and tear and protect your car from corrosion. It also removes excess fuel and oil build-up, which can cause poor performance, rough idle, and poor acceleration.

Petron Plus – a formula that provides excellent protection for your engine and machines and keeps them running like new for years. 
When you see the prices, don't compare them to your Oil or Synthetic Oil.
Those are not even 10% as good!
Proven in every lab over the past 40+ Years!

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