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Distributors’ orders, because they get the products at wholesale rates, do not pay commissions to affiliates (we had to discount them to wholesale which left no room for affiliates). However, If you contact us to introduce us to a distributor, then when that new distributor makes their first purchase you can earn from $100.00 up to a $250.00 One-Time Commission! Per Referred New Distributor.

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* Terms: See the Terms on the Affiliate Agreement.

Petron Plus Works for all Types of Engines, Transmissions, Power Steering, Big Engines, Small Engines, and Machinery!

Thus, EVERYONE Needs Petron Plus!

Below On the Left is the Petron Difference! On the right is how bad others do!


Make Money Helping People Protect there "Investments" (Cars, Trucks, Houses, Machines, Small Engines, etc)!

And Save Money on their Gas! (Extends their Gas Mileage!)

Safe and secure

Protects the Metal not the fluid, so it is safe, secure and long lasting!

Good investment

Helps your Engine last much longer, which in turn protects your investment!

Fully Integrated

Products for Airplanes, Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, you name it! Just About Everything!

Petron Plus Lubrications are the BEST in the World!

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See an Engine Run with NO OIL - AFTER Petron Added, then Drained:


We Want You to Help Everyone Get the BEST Lubrication Products! Everyone Needs it!

Listen up partners! Here’s how Petron affiliate payouts work: Wait 30 days after a referral’s purchase, then the commission’s yours once their refund period passes.

We pay after customers are completely satisfied. This ensures everyone wins – so hang tight!

Once 30 days hits, your money will be swiftly sent to your Account.

Once in your account and you have earned more than $100, you can withdraw it to PayPal or a Direct Payment.

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In just 30 days after they pay you’ll be paid for spreading the word on Petron’s top lubricants.

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