Petron Plus weapons oil

A variety of firearms lubricants are available on the market these days. 

Among the most popular is Petron Plus weapons oil. 
This synthetic lubricant is designed specifically for firearms and is available in both aerosol and liquid form.

Petron Plus is a synthetic blend that outperforms other gun oils by staying where you put it.
It resists evaporation and “runs”, providing lubrication and corrosion protection in even the most
adverse conditions. The oil also won’t attract dirt, dust, or sand, which can cause jams and other stoppages.

In addition to its lubricating properties, Petron Plus also provides excellent corrosion protection.
It’s especially beneficial in humid and salt-air environments, where other oils can break down and cause rust.

Many shooters rely on Petron Plus to keep their firearms running smoothly in even the most challenging conditions.
The oil is available here on this website.

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